Vintage Turquoise Treasure


It's a nice day at your Western Vintage Boutique when a sixty year old woman comes in and says "would you like to look at some turquoise that belonged to my mother?"  That puts her mom at about 40 in 1975.  I also love it when they say "she lived in the Southwest".  This scenario went down this week at Cowgirl Cash.  I love opening the boxes, digging through ziploc bags, and untying velvet bags to see what will present itself.  It is however a touchy subject.  The mom's jewelry is sentimental, the owner is nostalgic and as much as I want to buy it all and make everyone happy, an agreement of a realistic price needs to be negotiated. The turquoise I purchased was a mixed lot.  Some was fantastic, some was not native and contained dyed stones.  I bought the pieces I thought worked for my store and my clients.  Please come check out the tray of rings and select bracelets tonight during August Artwalk. To see what I buy more frequently follow me on Instagram! Search @CowgirlCash...

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