Top 10 things to do in Bend,OR. Winter 2014


Some recent family travel reminded me how helpful a top 10 list of things to do in a new city can be.  I try to compose my own list twice a year, as a way to get Cowgirl Cash "on the map".  My list is usually made up of the less obvious, but solid choices...

Top 10 Things to do in Bend, OR during a winter visit..  

1. I like to start any trip with a visit to a killer bakery.  Don't miss Fearless Baking on North Division. The egg sandwhich is delicious and healthy.  They make their own english muffins.

2. If you are feeding a family or dining solo don't miss the very hip and yummy food cart area off of Galveston.  Locals are calling it The Lot.  They have great beer, good food cart options, and the benches are heated!  Don't be afraid to go on a cold winter night.

3. Check the Bend Bulletin to see what is playing at the Tin Pan Theater. It's a tiny, lovely little Theater downtown off of Minnesota in Tin Pan alley. They show art films, foreign films, Westerns, classics, etc.

4. Whille you are Downtown, stop into Cowgirl Cash.  We sell Vintage and pre-loved Cowboy boots and much more.  We buy locally and strive to have authentic, practical, beautiful finds.  Last year we started a line of locally sewn dresses called Lucky Lady dresses. We have men's boots, pearl snap shirts, and Western cut jackets as well.


5. When you are at Cowgirl Cash, pick up a flyer called... The Alternative Shopping Guide to Bend, OR. There is a map, and a list of Bend's best consignment clothing shops. Visit a few. When people move to Bend, they trade in their city duds for colorful puffy jackets.

6. Bend has recently completed a new footbridge over the Deschutes River.  Taking a walk near the river is a must do in any season. It's a bit complicated to find the right paths if you are not from Bend.  Ask around, don't give up, and find your way to the First Street rapids parking area. Explore the river trail and the new footbridge from there.

7. The best bargain in town for really getting outside is renting snowshoes from Footzone.  For $10 each you can rent some sleek, lightweight snow shoes that will be perfectly adequate for walking into the Meissner snow shelter. Head out Century Drive and pull into the first snow park on the right.  It's about 15 minutes out of town.  Best to buy a snow park permit before you go, and take some water and a few snacks in a backpack.

8. If you are like me, a little alone time...maybe a yoga class is a nice addition to any family vacation.  Try the Yoga Lab in the Mill Quarter area of Bend.  This is between downtown Bend and the Old Mill District.  All of the instructors are very good.  Enjoy.

9. Do you need a hot soak and do the kids still have energy? Bring your swimming suit and go the Juniper Swim and Fitness Center.  The indoor pool has a high dive and the hot tub is adjacent to it, so you can watch.

10. Drink a beer.  This shows up on all Bend lists.  Visit Crows Feet Commons in Riverfront Plaza.  They have a great selection of regional beers, cider, and Kombucha.

That's my list and I'm sticking to it. No I did not mention the High Desert Museum, or Mt Bachelor, or 10 Barrel.  I'll let everyone else tell you those places. Have a safe and fun trip, and be sure to say "hi" if you stop by.

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