Proud to be Green



Back in the store. Buying, selling, remembering, and planning a slide show of my trip. (time TBD). My biggest take away from my adventure to India and Nepal is the importance of caring for our natural resources.  The air we breathe, the idea of leave no trace... I came home to Bend greatful for life in a small clean town and proud to run a store where self sustaining practices are the norm. I did buy some cute handmade items and colorful bracelets just because...stop in and say hi.

Winter hours are Wed-Sat 11-6.

Dress covers. Love the sweet rick rack detail. From Jaipur, India. $20

dress covers


Mala bracelets. Beads, seeds, fun. From various locations including the steps of the "Monkey Temple" in Kathmandu. $15



Needlework clutches from Nepal.  Beautiful colors.  Nice detail $15-20

nepal bags


Yoga mat covers.  I bought the fabric in Nepal and the my cousins driver had them sewn up for me. $24

yoga bags


Greeting cards on handmade paper from the Lotka tree. The bark is cooked twice,then there is the washing chopping and beating with wooden mallets. The pulp is spread in a frame and then sundried.  Then they are painted.  Beautiful. $2 each.


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