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I wrote the title to this blog and smiled.  Its already easier and more fun with Suzanne.  "Life is better shared".  Pretty sure thats a Chris McClandless quote...

Meet Suzanne:

After the cold, dark days of Winter, Spring brings a sense of awakening. As we step outside into the warm sunshine, the world shows us its perfect beauty and new possibilities begin to flourish. For me this is the time of year where I feel the most growth. I am inspired to venture into new things and imagine endless possibilities. That said, I am super excited to share with you the new venture Arrange is about to embark.

As many of you know, before moving to Bend and returning to Interior Design, I owned a store called Dwelling in Tacoma. Dwelling was a special place for me. I loved creating a space where I could share with the community my inspiration, my “special finds” and engage with new and old faces every day. With Arrange Interior Styling & Design I have thoroughly  enjoyed being back in the homes of my clients helping them transform existing rooms and creating meaningful new ones. I believe we all have a story and our homes are the setting. Filling it with beautiful, authentic pieces inspires and nurtures us. The “Hunt” for the truly unique is my driving force. This Spring I am excited to announce that  Arrange will be adding a retail store in downtown Bend to it’s existing design business.

With the vision of my friend Rebecca Charlton, a longtime resident and native of Bend, Arrange will be combining resources  with her store Cowgirl Cash. Cowgirl Cash is a beautiful boutique in downtown Bend that specializes in authentic, vintage cowboy boots, unique jewelry, accessories and “Lucky Lady” dresses. We believe that by collaborating, we can create a space and a business that celebrates authentic, practical, beautiful living in Central Oregon which we tag as  “Living Fresh Western”. We offer a lifestyle store that is organic, casual and cool, mixed with authentic one-of a- kind art and beauty. We celebrate the long-time residents of Bend and welcome the people moving in for the fresh air and fresh start. Beginning mid-April Cowgirl Cash will be closed for three weeks as we make the transformation.
Cowgirl Cash with Arrange, opening in May.  Here’s to big smiles and a little risk heading into Spring!For my Tacoma and Seattle friends, I miss you all and I  hope you come to visit soon.  
Bend is a very special place. 


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