Heirloom Dresses handmade in Bend, Oregon


It's been almost two months since we kicked off our Lucky Lady dresses with a spring fashion show.  Since then we have added an order form to our webpage, visited an international fabric show in Portland and of course, we have sold dresses.  Some custom, some straight from the rack.  All beautiful and truly one of a kind.  We like the idea of the "slow clothes" movement.  It seems as reasonable as the slow food movement. Who wouldn't want to eat, dress, and live uniquely, and with purpose? Eating at restaurants with fresh local food,attending farmers markets, appreciating chickens from a backyard coop,finding vintage or pre-owned clothes with history and style, original art.....and fittingly a special dress: handmade in a beautiful mountain town.  Yes, Lucky Lady Dresses are just an extension of a rich, slow, beautiful life. Call us or come by to try on dresses and choose from our beautiful fabric.

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