Happy New Year 2020 from Cowgirl Cash in Bend, OR


IMG 8629I love fresh starts, and I love a fresh start with experience behind me. Cowgirl Cash begins a new decade, and life is good in the shop with Suzanne and Arrange as my partner. I will continue to buy the best authentic, practical beautiful second hand goods, I can for my Western Vintage Boutique, and curate them in a pleasing way to be found by their new caretakers. I want the treasures at Cowgirl Cash to be worthy of the quality of customers I have coming through the doors. I want the foot print I make in my life and in my business to be as small as possible. When I’m not in the shop, I plan to soak up the beauty and nature we have so accessible to us, and hear as much fantastic music as I can, eat fresh and local food, and sleep soundly. Look for more art, more fun, and more inspiration coming from our little back alley collaboration of 2 women owned businesses working together to create a beautiful life in Bend, OR. Cheers

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