Day 1 started at 3:00 am. My cousin Linda and I were swiftly picked up from the Delhi airport and taken to  my cousin Brenda's home.


I awoke early and enjoyed a yoga class at the house. Then Cleo the dog and I investigated the grounds at the Canadian residence where my cousin lives.  Her husband is Canadas High Commissioner in India. We considered walking around the block, but were discouraged by local street dogs. 




I had read a blog before I left that suggested packing very little and going to Kahn Market and buying long colorful tunics for reasonable prices. Kahn Market is considered one of Delhis swankiest shopping districts. It was a good place to ease into India. Fabindia was our first stop. This department like store was laid out for Western buying habits and tastes. Clean, organized, well staffed, and a nice assortment of dresses, pants, shawls, handbags, and home decor.


My cousin Brenda and her son Matthew were our tour guides. Despite being a high end area, Linda and I were experiancing culture shock. Scooters whizzing by, trash, smells, tight spaces, street dogs, crowds.


fruit at khan market

We practiced using rupees (divide the price on the tag by 60) and headed back to the house.

 linda at car





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