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Eli Halpin is the featured artist at Cowgirl Cash, and has been since our opening four years ago this month.  I was introduced to Eli through her art by a friend of mine.  It was my 40th birthday, and I decided I needed to celebrate with a big bold amazing painting. I love my Eli Halpin aspen tree painting to this day, but I love new shipments. Each time a big box of Eli Halpin art arrives at the door of Cowgirl Cash from Austin, TX I am like a kid at Christmas.  These paintings look very good on-line, but in person they have the power to change your day, your outlook, your LIFE!  The color, and love, and  personality that is in each work of art is a special gift.  A gift from Eli to us all.  Treat yourself..... 



Tall Birch Trees in Gloss Aqua with bright branches. 29.75 x 26.75 $1900

chicks and chicken

A Half Dozen 29.75 x 26.25 $1150


Two Brown Bunnie Tummies 33.75 x 24 $925



Canadian Geese in metallic emerald 29.75 x 26.75 $1150


Raven Crunching Gold Beetle Crumbs 42.5 x 24 $925



Wolf Mother Moon 28 x 42 $1825

prairie dogs

12 Prairie Dogs with Cacti flowers in Sate Fe pinks 42.5 x 32 $1750

triplet fawns

Triplet Fawns with sparkly spots 32 x 23.75 $1150

polar bears

Polar Bear cubs 32 x 24 $1100


Rabbit in warm fuzzy gray 34 x 28 $925

ps. we do layaway.


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