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At Cowgirl Cash we love the bright, happy, engaging, art that hangs from our walls. We feel fortunate to represent the artist Eli Halpin in our Western Vintage Boutique. When I first opened over six years ago in a little eastside location I had no idea what a sensation Eli Halpin would become.  I just knew I loved her paintings. Representing only Eli Halpin has defined the look and feel of my store.  Her paintings, though all different and completely unique, add a sense of cohesiveness to my otherwise onesy twosy second hand store. I love it when people walk in, and then eventually I see their eyes going from one painting to the next.  This happens with adults and children. Eli Halpin has a wonderful website that should be visited frequently because she consistantly adds new work and suprises.  This is what Cowgirl Cash offers right now. Remember, layaway is a fantastic way to get yourself one of these very special pieces.

560 Yellow Frog

Yellow Frog $560

1475 Birch Trees in Creamy Sage Green 37 x 32 inches

Birch Trees in Creamy sage 37 x 32 $1475

Eagle Feathers 28 x 16 inches

Eagle Feathers 28 x 16

1825 Wolf Mother Moon 42 x 28 inches

Wolf Mother Moon...aka OR 7. 42 x 28 $1825

1875 Flight of the Great Blue Heron 45 x 32 inches

Flight of the Great Blue Heron $1875

1900 Tall Birch Trees in Aqua by Eli Halpin 44.25 x 32 inches

Tall Birch Trees in Aqua 44 x 32 $1900

1900 Woolly Sheep Birthday Party 50 x 30 inches 2

Wooly Sheep Birthdy Party 50 x30 $1900

810 Make Your House a Home 15.25 x 24 inches

Make Your House a Home 15 x 24 $810

1150 Triplets in Super Light Air Blue 32 x 23.75 inches

Triplets in Super Light air Blue $1150

Rooster in Cobalt 39.25 x 11.75 inches LAYAWAY

Rooster in cobalt blue 39 x 12

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