Cowgirl Cash together with Arrange in Spring 2018!


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The tag line and buying criteria for Cowgirl Cash has always been, authentic, practical, beautiful.  It's been an easy way to keep my business focused and centered.  I also find myself applying that criteria to my life.

Authentic living in the West. Raising babies in a community focused on beauty and nature. Making practical choices about dressing warm, eating healthy food, and making a living in this beautiful part of the world. 

I'm returning to my seven day a week schedule in early May with a new look at Cowgirl Cash and a new partner in the shop. 

Dont be alarmed when you see paper on the windows at Cowgirl Cash in mid-April. Just come back in early May to see two women, combining their businesses to create a Fresh Western Lifestyle Store.

Cowgirl Cash, together with Suzanne Molt and her business Arrange. 


We all move to Bend, or return to Bend for fresh air, fresh water, and often a fresh start. Suzanne and I are excited to combine resources to create a space and a business that celebrates authentic, practical, and beautiful living in Central Oregon. Here's to big smiles and a little risk heading into spring.

(Photos from a recent trip to Tam Rim.... Winter hours are so authentic, practical, and beautiful)

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