Celebrating Independence.


Independence Day had new meaning for me this year. As I worked in my yard this morning with the freedom to grow what I want in my garden, I pondered my ability to make intentional choices. I'm grateful to choose work that gives me freedom and allows me to be authentic to my beliefs. Even though my choices do not always lead me down an easy path, at least I own them. My decision to leave a 20 year marriage has also lead me to a new independence. Sometimes invigorating, sometimes scary, never boring.  

On the second day of a new roommate moving in to help off-set my housing costs, his dog killed 1/3 of my chicken flock. 

This roommate is a dear friend, and his dog is amazing and beautiful and.....big. I've been talking to my kids, about sharing our space, and expanding our ideas about family, and keeping an open mind. We have everything. Whole food, fresh air, sound sleep, and love.  We have enough, so we can share. My reaction to the dead chicken needed to reflect this calm and loving message. I accepted my part in the death. The coop had been left open (I had failed to close it after coming in late from a concert) and the chickens were free roaming.  Not responsible chicken ownership by any means. 

I'm recovering, and have decided to add two young hens to my flock. I've chosen to expand from this experiance and continue to grow.  

I'm happy to take the good with the bad.

I'm grateful for my independence and my freedom to choose the life I want.

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